Friday, January 13, 2006

Picking American Pockets For Israel

Recruiting American Jews for Israel
by Karin Friedemann and Joachim Martillo

The U.S. government funds Israel's ongoing program to remove the native population of Palestine, primarily Muslims and Christians, and supplant them with European-American Jewish colonists. Our tax dollars facilitate this ethnic cleansing and colonization of Occupied Palestine.

Why do seemingly normal, middle class Jewish American families take part in genocidal ethnic cleansing? While some sick individuals might get a "thrill" from moving into property stolen from a family expelled from their home at gunpoint by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), our observations indicate that funand profit serve as the primary motivation for relocating to Occupied Palestine.

The Israeli government offers American Jews subsidized mortgages at interest rates far lower than anything available to non-Jews. The subsidies are funded by Israeli bonds and underwritten by U.S. loan guarantees. The new mortgage holders are allowed to sink their credit card debts into Israeli mortgages valued in shekels, which are practically guaranteed to depreciate relative to the dollar. (See While these "ethically challenged" American Jews stay in Israel, they are offered free Hebrew classes and living expenses for up to oneyear, paid by the Israeli government.

The cost of "doing business" with Israel is not only financial but moral. The system creates suburban sprawl in the Holy Land, environmental devastation and mass homelessness of the original, rightful non-Jewish property owners. Most Palestinians under Israeli government control are not citizens and have no rights under Israeli law. Lands to which the Jewish Agency holds title are only leased or deeded under conditions that prevent transfer or use by non-Jews. Such discrimination would be illegal in the USA.

The Israeli government organizes the eviction (nishul) of Palestinians (usually uncompensated) through transfers of the land to specialized organizations like the Jewish Agency or the Israel Lands Authority (ILA), or Israel discovers military or security requirements that "necessitate" the transfer of property from Palestinians to the Army. Eventually, the ILA develops the stolen land to create or expand Jews-Only settlements. The contractors employed by the ILA and its helper organizations build the homes and necessary infrastructure. They are typically connected to government and military officials and all profit tremendously from the US-financed plunder and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population.

Local travel agents often double as recruiters and real estate brokers for Israel. American Jews willing to relocate to stolen properties arenot usually subject to credit checks when they seek an Israeli mortgage because the Israeli government subordinates its fiscal responsibility to the goal of overwhelming the Palestinians demographically. Most American olim (immigrants) do not settle permanently in OccupiedPalestine. They live there for a couple of years and then sell theirhouse when the value goes up and come back debt free. They enjoy a nice vacation and make a profit as well.

Here's how it works: Jewish aliyah (immigration to Israel) organizations engage in ongoing campaigns to recruit American Jews. They advertise in the Jewish media, through Jewish run travel agencies, and on college campuses. Suppose you are an American Jew with $60,000 in educational or credit card debt. You might attend a class at the local Jewish Community Center or take part in some organized pro-Israel activity. At some point you will meet an official or semi-official shaliah (recruiter/emissary) who will explain the deal to you.

1. You can purchase a home, with no down payment, in a new settlement with a subsidized mortgage of up to $300,000. You will only pay interest (usually 3% or less) on half the mortgage. The other half is interest-free. You can buy a new house for $100,000 - comparable toa $750,000 house in Brookline, MA.

2. Say you have a $60,000 debt, are paying $2,000 a month rent and you owe another $1000 in various loan payments and other expenses. You can get a $160,000 mortgage in Israel for less than $400/month. Try getting that from Fannie Mae!

3. You and your family get free health insurance. Can't get that in America!

4. The Israeli government will pay your living expenses for at least 6 months. What a deal!

5. You get Israeli citizenship and all the rights the nativepopulation does not have.

6. Settlers in the more recently ethnically cleansed Occupied Territories get lower tax rates and other special benefits than those settling in "Israel Proper."

7. Qualified individuals may receive free plane tickets to Israel from organizations like Birthright Israel.

8. You can apply for an additional $5,000 - $25,000 stipend from organizations like Nefesh b'Nefesh (Soul to Soul - i.e. Jewish souls)

You should be able to live for one year without working, at which point your home has accrued in value as the settlement has expanded and amenities have improved. You should be able to sell your home at a profit, pay off your debt and return to the USA debt free. Once back home you will be strongly encouraged to contribute generously to your local Congressmen. Doesn't it sound like payback for the pleasant vacation and good fortune made possible by the U.S. government simplybecause you are Jewish?


Anonymous said...

Great blog I hope we can work to build a better health care system as we are in a major crisis and health insurance is a major aspect to many.

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to investigate this issue so I really appreciate your article. I had read some vague references to the monetary advantages and I saw some ads for houses in colonies. The colonies were listed and details about each one was given. The tone was one of "come and put a shrimp in the barbie". Wonderful new homes in an umpopulated, beautiful land. I was utterly disgusted by it but then, i'm not the target audience: white supremacists.

Isaac said...

Is this a joke? Have you ever even spoken to anyone that has made aliyah? Do you think it is easy to move half-way across the world to areas full of violence and warfare, learn a new alphabet and language, and de-Americanize yourself? I know plenty of people who have made aliyah, and everyone of them did it to help make a difference and preserve Israel. And if you are under the age of 21, you must serve in the Army.
Re: housing prices -- Israel's economy is not America's economy. Things cost less. People make less money. What would you pay for a house in America in the middle of the desert that had constant warfare in every direction?
Guess what -- America offers many financial incentives to just about every cause you can imagine. Why don't you find another one to pick on?
Nice propaganda though.