Friday, January 13, 2006

America Died in Somerville

America Died in Somerville

Jewish organizations have actually used their personal leverage to force public funds to be used for irresponsible investments benefitting certain Jewish Americans.

Somerville City Council's Treason Against America
Informal report by Karin Friedemann
Boston, MA

Somerville lost the divestment resolution last night. It was a stunning defeat. Somehow the Jewish lobby got a total turnaround from all but one on the City Council in support of divestment to all but one against divestment. The Zionist "baffle them with bullshit" tactic worked. They made the Aldermen feel totally inadequate to separate fact from fiction. They made the City Council feel like it was not their place to protect the Somerville's public funds frombeing embezzled by Israel. Hopefully the moral cowards will be voted out of office. But don't count on it. America died its death this week in Somerville, which was once a freedom stronghold in the United States.

The Zionists put out all their heavy hitmen to defeat Somerville - a small town - so they are more desperate than is obvious. Despitetheir success at intimidating the Aldermen and Alderwomen into submission, it was surprisingly clear that all the arguments the Zionists were using were not only intellectually bankrupt but also absurdly outdated. Despite their victory, the Zionists looked downright uncomfortable with their success, whether they were avoiding eye contact or sneering. Their eyes were empty, their hearts cold as ice. They had died. It's over for them in America. No one can consider any Israel supporteras fellow Americans anymore.

The most obvious thing gleaned from my observation last night was the overwhelming lack of shame with which the Jewish organizations of the Boston area openly used their power to undermine American democracy when the majority of Somerville residents polled supported divestment. Somerville City Council actually acted against Somerville interests. With the knowledge that investing in Israel means investing in ethnic cleansing, the decision to then continue to use public funds for controversial money-making projects - knowing that a rather large percentage of Somerville is deeply opposed to these projects -the responsible thing would be to avoid controversial investments; not to force the public to invest against their will. The public has no obligation to invest in Israel. The public has the right to be informed about Israeli war crimes and to withdraw their funds. Jewish organizations have actually used their personal leverage to force public funds to be used for irresponsible investments benefitting certain Jewish Americans.


Thu Jan 12, 2006
Somerville: Pro-Israel Candidate Defeated

Anti-Divestment Candidate Soundly Defeated in Somerville

In a stunning defeat for anti-divestment forces in Somerville, the avidly anti-divestment candidate E. Moroney was soundly defeated in the only head-to-head match for elected office that Somerville has seen in two years. SDP (Somervillle Divestment Project) protested publicly Moroney's campaign last December (see photos). Moroney lost 62 % to 38 % to Denise Provost - a candidate whose campaign was suppported by many SDP members. Moroney's Website said that "Elizabeth Moroney strongly opposes attempts to require Somerville or the Commonwealth to divest of Israeli Bonds. (an error - the bonds are called Israel Bonds ). Somerville needs more local aid not a foreign policy".

Apparently Somerville citizens disagree. Moroney's stance on divestment distinguished her from Denise Provost -a well known progressive candidate who supports human rights for all people. In response to Moroney stance on divestment, SDP pointed out in a publicly distributed flyer that Somerville already has a foreign policy by investing in Israel. SDP calls for divestment from Israel bonds and companies that support the human rights violations. Moroney was supported by Steve Grossman a well known zionist who opposes human rights for Palestinians.

Thanks to the work of SDP, divestment became a hot issue in Somerviile over the last two years. Today's result indicates that candidates who do not oppose divestment can win citywide in Somerville. Recently, an entire region of Norway voted to boycott Israel, and a city in the Basque region of Spain, have boosted the international pressure for human rights for Palestinians. The defeat of Moroney echos the support for divestment that exists in Somerville. SDP continues to advocate for divestment in Somerville.

Anti-divestment supporters, such as Steve Grossman, supported Moroney with cash and hoped to defeat Denise Provost. They were not successful. Let's look forward to a year where Israel will be pressured andeventually forced to recognize the human rights of Palestinians. The world community is losing patience with Israel. It is simply not acceptable for Israel to carryout racist policies against and apartheid against Palestinians.

Divest Now !
R. Francis for SDP


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Anonymous said...
This explains the situation from yet another angle.

Anonymous said...

One note you do not make in your post is that israel is not america, nor should it be. So just because they do things that americans don't doesn't make them bad. America also does the same thing to the indians. Maybe thed palestinians should take up casinos. That being said. Most americans do not move back after one year because they are debt free they move back because it is hard to get good wages in israel. the money nbn gives is very minimal compared with costs.