Friday, January 13, 2006

Our Parents Sent Us to War

Our Parents Sent Us to War
by Karin riedemann

This is written in response to Stan Goff's article "The Case of HasanAkbar" [ ] in which he repeatedly asserted that he did not condone Hasan Akbar's killing of two US soldiers. I was put off by his obscene moralizing and wrote to him that were I in Akbar's shoes I would have done the same thing, and when I am president I will put Hasan Akbar on a postage stamp. His response was, "My son is in Iraq, and I will not encourage him to draw a death penalty… Mass action will defeat the empire." Look at this. He is moralizing about Hasan Akbar and yet he is unwilling to accept any responsibility for his son's morals. I suggested a mass action againstparents who allow their children to murder Muslims. He responded by calling me stupid and I quote, "Go back to your fucking sandbox."

A lot of aging leftists like to blame the war on George W. Bush and invite us to march in the streets. To quote Stan Goff, "Mass action will defeat the empire." Will protesting stop the war? Everyone with a brain already knows that marching on Washington will not even disturb George W. Bush's breakfast. In fact, by causing havoc on thestreets we actually distract the public's attention from the real crimes taking place. AIPAC lobbying Congress to bomb this or that country. Halliburton stealing our tax money and putting it in their pockets.

The fact is, I can't control George Bush. But I can teach my son the difference between right and wrong. He knows who the bad guys are. He won't volunteer to die for George Bush but I would encourage him to die for freedom. In Stan Goff's case, he is an ex-military man who turned anti-war. How is it that his insights failed to reach his son? I have talked to (and been insulted by) other parents who claimed to be anti-war, anti-Zionist, what have you, and yet allow their children to display flags on their property. How is it that the wisdom of these parents fails to reach their children? Why are they in Iraq?

My grandfather was drafted at gunpoint and sent to Stalingrad byHitler, where he was probably tortured to death in a Soviet concentration camp. In any case no one ever heard from him again. He cannot be blamed since he had no choice. But Americans are not yet forced to join the army. In the case of extreme poverty, one can perhaps understand and forgive. But this kid has a father who cares about him, an anti-war father, no less, and yet he chose to kill Muslims rather than listen to his father. Why did he feel that his financial independence was worth more than his father's opinion?

My mother taught me that it is better to be killed than to kill. My personal philosophy was modified when a bunch of skinheads pounded a hippy friend's head on the sidewalk while his friends stood around chanting "Peace, peace." There is a time to chant "peace" and there isa time to kick someone's ass. Right now the Iraqis have every right to kick American soldiers out of Iraq. I am willing to accept violence within the guidelines outlined in the Quran, where it says you have the right to fight in certain circumstances, for example if your life and property is threatened.

The Prophet Mohammed said that the army of the anti-Christ would becomposed of bastard children led by the Jews. Does this really meanthe servants of Evil have no fathers? Or does it mean that theysomehow got disconnected from their fathers? The sad thing is, most Americans encourage their children to leave the house at age eighteen. I was made to feel very ashamed for sponging off my parents. By contrast, Muslim parents beg their children not to leave them.

Could there be any connection between American kids' willingness to kill for money and the way they were raised? Could there be any connection between Muslim kids' willingness to die for justice and the way they were raised? Could there be any connection between the feeling that kids get that their parents do not want them and the fact that theyare willing to join the military rather than live with their parents?

Mr. Goff dismissed my insights as "simplistic moralizing standards" –and yet the truth is very simple. Folks, stop blaming the war on George the Imbecile. He is just a pawn. We are at war because we allowed our country to be taken over by Zionists and other opportunists. We refused to take responsibility for our country. We refused responsibility for our children's actions. At core, we are at war because we failed our children. Our children with all their faults need us to provide them with a warm family atmosphere or else they will be sucked away from our embrace by military recruiters.


Anonymous said...

"Zionists and other opportunists" I wonder how much it is a marriage between Zionists and the weapons industry that is behind the policies we see. In looking at "defense" industry sites, what struck me is how embedded is Israel in it - it is a major weapons industry player. (Among other facts, I did not know that Israeli has weapons production businesses here in the U.S.)

As to parents and children" what struck me, as an immigrant, is how much the pursuit of money is a primary force in the U.S. Concern over money, for many (thankfully not all), overides concern for family. It is shocking in other cultures to put one's parents in a nursing home or to put out one's child. But it makes sense in a way: parents who put out their children teach them to be callous and harsh so in return, the children warehouse them when the parents are old.

(Really like the blog, btw.)

Rowan Berkeley said...

Karin, surely this off the cuff quotation of hadith about eschatology here is the thing that made you think twice about whether these hadiths were true, more recently?

"The Prophet Mohammed said that the army of the anti-Christ would becomposed of bastard children led by the Jews."

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Anonymous said...

point is missed entirely. While there are amelikans that are educated so uniquely that they feel no doubt or misgivings about going around the world to kill people for some vague idea and not questioning if their country even has right let alone a reason and coem up with yes, then they have a army until they are all used up.I read soem where that monroe said entanglements in other countries is bad for both countries but this doctrine hjas been ignored even as the ink was drying. As long as the government has the education and the minds of these children from 3 or 5 to 18 and then the extra added television indoctrination we will forever be in a situation of no win and wasted resources on soemthing that does not even benefit the country. just who does it benefit?I more or less instinctively knew we had no business in vietnam and if every one would have said no to it i.e. draft age men it would not have lastred very long. of course i didnt know the machinations behind it but knowing them now,war crimes charges should be brought up on johnson,macnamatra and the generals that did their bidding, also the whole kennedy thing reopened and all held to hang even if dead. these same cretins murder with impunity and get us idiots to do it for them when they can , everyone should read the book by the matrine general who wrote it in the 1930's.war never helps a nations people it only swets the scene for another one, what is amazing if i see things right the great number of people are manipulated so easily by propaganda as in both ww1 and ww2 same tools in same manner were used to get the amelikans rushing like fools into a war that is none of their business, but these arguments mean nothing and were lost a long time ago as the global agenda is what is on the table and the people running amelika have nothing to concern themselves witgh as amelikans but with their place in the world order and what they can do for it, which ids lie cheat steal murder and drag everyone they can ionto their hell with them.