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Hate Incited in Somerville

Hate-mongers do not represent Somerville residents.

Hate Incited in Somerville
Karin Friedemann, Boston, MA
Saturday, August 6, 2005

An unknown person scrawled "KILL ALL ARABS" on an electricity pole
down the street from the Broken Yolk cafe. This expression of
genocidal racism is unusual in Somerville. While the majority of
Somerville residents support equal rights for Muslims, Christians and Jews in America and in the Holy Land, a small minority believes in the existence of an exclusively Jewish State funded by American tax dollars. Very worrying is the fact that Somerville city employees' 401K plans are invested in Israel - a scam perhaps explained by the gifts the mayor of Somerville received from the Jewish Lobby.

Despite Israel's ongoing human rights violations including the
bulldozing of Palestinian Muslim and Christian homes, Somerville city employees are not even given the option to opt out of their personal investments in these Israel bonds which are continually losing value. This irresponsible investment has lost the city a lot of money.

The hate crime committed in Somerville is a wake-up call to the city of Somerville not to let pro-Israel advocates dictate the use of Somerville public money to line their own pockets.

Genocidal racists do not represent Somerville. It's time to divest now.

Boston NeoCons to Wiretap Mosques

Boston NeoCons to Wiretap Mosques
by Karin Friedemann
Sept. 16, 2005

The Pro-Israel lobby gave MA Governor Romney payola. Now he is
revoking the Constitution to help Israel spy on American Muslims.

Boston Jewish groups were given $2.1 million of US tax money to "beef up security."

They used some of this money to give the governor and several mayors free trips to Israel. Now our elected officials are accepting strategy from neocon advisors to spy on Muslim Americans.

In order to fight against being wiretapped, the local community must do more than protest. They must pinpoint and prosecute those
individuals and organizations involved in the treasonous advising of our elected officials to drop the Constitution. The treasonous Neocons want to go after American Muslims simply because the Jewish
organizations don't agree with them on certain issues. The decision to give Homeland Security to Israeli security companies has all to do with the Israel Lobby funneling public money into private pockets.

Boston Zionist organizations have millions of dollars but what they don't have is public support. They have successfully controlled the "slant" of any discussion about Muslims but they cannot stop
Somerville from divesting from Israel. Less than 5% of Somerville supports Israel's US-subsidized existence. 70% strongly support the divestment ballot petition up for vote in 2007.

Will the Boston Jewish organizations destroy all that America stands for? Wll the Boston Muslim community stand up and defend America alongside their neighbors? If you want to help the Muslims you have to help America get rid of these subversive pro-Israel fanatics trashing democracy.

I am sure that there is no question in anyone's mind that bulldozing Palestinian homes, bombing Iraq and Afghanistan, the
normalization of torture, sending tax money to Israel instead of
repairing New Orlean's levee before the hurricane hit, wiretapping
American mosques, etc are pure evil. But Somerville has made the
neocons vulnerable. A handful of Americans can take their country back one city at a time. Please make the decision to help Somerville Divestment Project defeat the pro-Israel lobby one day this week. Or talk to your church or synagogue encouraging them to boycott Israel.

You don't have to be a citizen or a Somerville resident
to help. See for info

Friday, December 16, 2005

Flowers of Galilee: Book Review

Flowers of Galilee: Book Review

The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences
Volume 21 Fall 2004 Number 4, pp. 124-126Book
Review Flowers of Galilee: The Collected Essays of Israel Shamir
By Israel Shamir
Tempe, Arizona: Dandelion Books, 2004. 304 pages.

Flowers of Galilee breaks new ground in modern political discourse.This book recommends a democratic one-state solution in all of historical Palestine and the return of the Palestinians to rebuildtheir villages. The beautiful front cover painting by SuleimanMansour of Jerusalem lovingly depicts a Palestinian family, childrenseated on a donkey, walking past a hill covered with olive trees.Similarly, Israel Shamir's essays portray the peaceful, pastorallandscape of the Holy Land and the humanity of its inhabitants,juxtaposed against the ugliness and inhumanity of Jewish racism.These thought-provoking essays, written in Jaffa during the al-AqsaIntifada in 2001-2, call for Jews to leave their sense ofexclusivity and plead for human equality.

The author, a Russian immigrant to Israel in 1969, followed his meditations to their inevitable conclusion, renounced Judaism, and was baptized in thePalestinian Orthodox Church of Jerusalem. A brilliant storytellerwith a vast knowedge of history, he discusses current events andtheir global implications with brutal honesty and tenderness. His clear insights and lyrical use of language to illustrate social, religious, and political complexities make him the Khalil Gibran ofour time.

An important chapter, "The Last Action Heroes," memorializes theSpring 2002 siege of Bethlehem. The Israeli army surrounded 40 monksand priests and 200 Palestinians seeking refuge in the Church ofNativity. For a month, "people starved...the stench of corpses andof infected wounds filled the old church" (p. 63). The UN didnothing, but a few International Solidarity Movement activists fromAmerica and Europe, including the author's son, broke the siege. Onegroup distracted the soldiers while the others rushed into thechurch's gates, brought food and water, and helped negotiate asurrender.Shamir deconstructs the legal fictions of the state of Israel andthe elusive Palestinian state: "

Israelis who would like to live inpeace with their Palestinian neighbors...cannot counteract the raw muscle of the American Jewish leadership" (p.179). He furtherdissects the Jewish Holocaust cult and other Zionist public relations tactics. He exposes the two-state solution as a politicalbluff, calls on the world to cut off aid to Israel, and admonishes the Muslim world for indulging in usury. Shamir strives to free Gentiles from both their fear and adorationof Jews. He searches into the material successes of world Jewry, the Jewish rejection of Jesus, and the global applications of Jewish ideology, resulting in the mass immigrations of refugees into Europe from war zones and the destruction of local cultures.

The Left and the Right, he believes, are like the two legs of a human being: They must work together to counteract the uprooting and homogenizing forces of the global elite, whom he calls Mammonites. The author debunks the myth of Islamic terror, pointing to the anti-Gentile polemic embedded in Jewish discourse. He demystifies the threat of "anti-Semitism" as a control mechanism to keep good Jews from confronting those Jewish leaders responsible for promoting war and policies of economic inequality. He points out that the political position of a "moderate" Jew is alarmingly similar to Nazism.

Shamir explains "Jewishness" as a destructive concept of "separateness and privilege" based on the "two-tier approach of ingroup-outgroup" (p. 263). He sees Jewish chauvinism as threatening not only Palestinians but the entire world, because of the Jewish control over public opinion and policy. His philosophical analysis of Judeo-American power is illuminating. Shamir pays tribute to former US Representative Cynthia McKinney,who stands out as a politician who refused to be disloyal to America. Her defeat by Jews who organized Republican voters to vote Democratic in order to unseat her sounded the death knell of American democracy.

Jews used black Americans to open the doors to the elite positions formerly held only by white Christians. Once the Jews were in, the author explains, they closed the doors to blacks. Jewish equal rights activists were steered into Zionism and became enemies to those blacks who rejected Jewish supremacy. The book concludes with the author's personal peace treaty with the Arabs: "As for me, Syrian children may come and swim in the Sea of Galilee, and children of Palestine are welcome to the amusement parks of Tel Aviv...The refugees of Gaza may come back to the fields they owned before 1948, and deal directly with the few old Polish Jews who 'privatized' the lands. Keep me out of it."

He tells Sharon: "General, if you want war, please wage it personally" (p.296).The author presents a compelling argument to the native Palestiniansto accept him as their brother and let him live in their beautiful land as a neighbor, with their permission and blessing. Every chapter maintains an inspiring certainty of humanity's victory over evil. I would have liked to learn more about his own pesonal transformation from someone who watched his Israeli army buddies shoot unarmed prisoners to someone that courageously withstands vilification to champion human rights for all.

Flowers of Galilee is a romantic discourse on Palestine that lacksnative Palestinian voices; however, it provides sincere and wise counsel. The author recommends neutralizing the invader through assimilation. He dreams of a world in which the descendants of Jews and Palestinians will be able to live as equals, intermarry, and create a new race of people. Shamir's proposal is consistent withIslamic tradition and is the only viable option for a lasting peacein the Middle East.

Karin M. Friedemann, EditorWorld View News Service

My One and Only Love

My One and Only Love
Gilad Atzmon
London, England: Saqi Books, 2005. 239 pagesBook
Review by Karin Friedemann

A comical narrative of Zionist espionage and intrigue, "My One andOnly Love" is a psychological and political commentary on thepersonal conflict between being true to one's heart and being loyalto "The Jews." This book is about basing one's life on Zionist liesto the point where a moment of truth and love is perceived asmadness. Gilad Atzmon makes fun of famous Zionist historicalfigures, events and propaganda techniques while exploring themystery of what it means to be a Jew. This genuinely entertainingbook illustrates many ironies of Jewish existence, in particular theopportunistic use of Jewish suffering to promote the State of Israel.

Danny Zilber is a world-famous trumpet player who, despite livingthe glamorous life, remains innocent. His band is not only wildlypopular but is part of a secret Zionist plot to protect a Nazi warcriminal while they profit off German guilt feelings. His boss,Avrum Shtil believes that any dastardly deed is justified for thesake of propagating the Zionist cause. When Danny falls head overheels in love with a mysterious German woman, his boss sees in historment a chance to make mega-bucks. He prefers glorifying Danny'sdespair to divulging the lady's identity. At first, Danny's careeris enhanced by the pain of unfulfilled desire as his music becomesincreasingly soulful. Yet the intense and prolonged suffering isunsustainable. Human nature demands that one connect with humanityand be real. As the web of lies becomes increasingly transparent,one must either give up the Zionist cause or self-destruct.

It will be much to the relief of his female admirers that GiladAtzmon's portrayal of women is maturing. In his first book, "A Guideto the Perplexed," the most exciting woman was a plastic blow-updoll. Here we find Danny drawn to the mystery lady's "intelligentand gentle eyes." While the previous protagonist's heart wascompletely shut down, Danny consciously suffers feelings ofunbearable pain and emptiness from his inability to truly love andbe loved. It hurts, but it is progress. An emerging sense ofpersonal integrity still shields itself behind a wall of sarcasm.Danny's refusal to see the cause of his pain results in the loss ofhis soul. Danny is not fully conscious of the extent to which hismanager is willing to hurt, mislead, and use him for profit, but hiswillingness to believe Avrum's deceptions turns Danny's life into aperpetual hell.

Asking God to liberate him from his self-inflictedmisery never even crosses his mind. As the author demonstrates, a Jew prefers to self-destruct rather than to repent, acceptforgiveness, and henceforth lead an honest life. The Jewishexperience is a state of exile from one's true self, the separationof the soul from God.Is there a way for Jews to transcend their spiritual exile, achieveinner peace, and stop hurting other people? Although no one in thebook has the courage to go through with it, "My One and Only Love"sheds some light on The Way: Danny's love for the mysterious German woman leads him for a briefmoment to transcend apparent reality and become like Jesus walkingover the water. He no longer has any interest in objectifying Germans as targets of manipulation. Danny's secret desire to have an authentic personal relationship with a German person reveals the keyto personal salvation. Learning to love one's enemy is what isrequired for the spiritual redemption of the Jews. Danny attains aninner state of harmony and ecstasy which his Zionist boss dismissesas a psychotic delusion.

The problem with becoming Christ-like isthat you will be crucified. Danny's one and only love is a lie. While it is ironic that Danny's true self is accidentally unleashedby a lie, he is ultimately destroyed by an even deeper lie. In the end, this book was frustrating. Not a single character was redeemed. They were all Zionist scum who deserved to be utterly destroyed, but Atzmon played a nasty trick on us by making us like them and feel bad for them. Those who once experienced a moment of truth yet failed to reject Zionism suffered a far worse end than those who were simply evil and enjoyed being evil.

Nevertheless, we emerge with the knowledge by which we can save ourselves from a similar fate. Life always leads you to truth if you let it. Even if all we can see are kaleidoscope distortions of lies upon lies, the intuitive grasp of the patterns within the patterns can serve as our escape route if we actually want to be free.

Time to Change Tactics

Time to Change Tactics

by Karin Friedemann

Getting Americans and the politicians to understand that invading Iraqis bad for US is probably the only way to get this movement into the mainstream and away from the leftist progressive fringes of society. I advocate a turn-around in rhetoric. The group of people responsiblefor the Iraq war are the Israel-Firsters. Instead of trying to makeAmericans care about Arabs - too hard - we need to increase their awareness that the Jewish Lobby is the enemy of all traditionalAmericans. Especially since activists can destroy the movement if they dwell upon who the good guys are (there are various opinions), we should concentrate on what we can all agree on: The Jewish Lobby is undermining American democracy. The Jewish Lobby needs to be stopped. That's the only way to stop the wars. I would suggest a public rhetoric campaign against all Jewish lobbyists suggesting prison. On campus, target the Israel advocacy groups. Smear them. Make it social suicide to participate with Hillel or other pro-Israel student organizations training future lobbyists. The pro-Israel lobby operates on every level of American society.

This year they are introducing Holocaust Mythology in the public school curriculum starting in Pre-K. There are plenty of ways to address this problem in PTA meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and other mundane ways. Causing a huge stir at a "MLK" school assembly will create a lot more word-of-mouth grassroots pressure than a protest in DC which doesn't even get discussed. In each small town, pro-peace people need to identify the Zionist individuals who are pushing Holocaust curriculum in the local schools. As soon as you start circulating a petition, all their Zionist supporters will come out of the woodwork. Every town has a web of Jewish groups that work together to undermine American democracy to promote their personal interests. Once you know who the participating individuals are, then you will be able to protest directly to these local people who are personally responsible for pushing Americans to die for Israeli interests. You probably know where they live. If Americans started talking to their neighbors we could stop this war.

Disengaging America from the Israel Lobby

Disengaging America from the Israel Lobby
By Karin Friedemannumm

With the deep enmeshment of Israeli agents in the United Statespolitical spectrum, and the dependency of our economy on American armssales to Zionist organized crime in the Holy Land, the Sudan, andaround the world, the Israel Lobby is nothing less than a scam forbillions of dollars of capital investments. Most Americans are awarethat the behavior of the US-supplied Israeli military puts allAmericans at risk of retaliation. But the real crime begins rightunder our noses here in America by bankers and real estate agents.American Jews wishing to flee from their credit card debts are buyingup stolen property in Palestine at super-low mortgage rates availableto Jews Only. They are using American tax money to pay the IDF toforce the non-Jewish Palestinian rightful owners to vacate theproperty, after which they bulldoze the olive trees and buildsuburban-style condos for American and European Jews with lumbersupplied by Home Depot. This is done using full-scale militaryequipment supplied and paid for by the United States.Israel Advocates are holding public meetings in towns around Americaencouraging Jews to "make Awliyah" and to send their teenagers to IDFsummer camp to learn how to become terrorists. Are American lawenforcement officials investigating this organized crime networkoperating in full daylight? To nip Zionist enmeshment and recruitmentin the bud, American law enforcement officials should attend all thePro-Israel training workshops that take place on US soil to promotethe subversion of all our basic democratic institutions. The UnitedStates has no choice but to investigate and prosecute those Americancitizens who are involved in promoting the existence of the State ofIsrael. Our free press, our justice system, and our democracy aredependent upon the separation of American from Israeli interests.It is vital for Americans to disentangle itself from Zionist argumentsand loopholes. The argument that Jews should get to keep what theystole because they've been sitting on the stolen property for so manyyears is not a legal argument. America stands for equal rights, andthat means property rights, residency rights and other legal norms. Ifwe care about our rights, we must always and without compromise stressthe property rights of all Palestinians. Not just the property stolenin `67 but also `48 has to be returned to its rightful owners, asGermany returned homes stolen from the Jews to their descendents. AllIsraelis, not just some, are legally obligated to voluntarily vacatethe stolen property their families inhabit - now! International lawdoes not suggest that they are entitled to any compensation nor arethey guaranteed citizenship.If the United States cannot divest itself from Israel, we have nochoice but to dismantle the State of Israel and take away everyone'spassports (just like has been done to a lot of other countries). Newpassports can then be issued for the Islamic Republic of Israel, orwhatever they democratically decide to call it. Stateless Palestinianrefugees must be given first priority to obtain passports. Applicantswould be subject to a background check to disqualify any IDF soldiersthat engaged in anti-Palestinian activity, pro-AIPAC lobbyists, andwhoever else the Palestinian leadership wants to disqualify. Thedecision belongs in the hands of the Palestinian people which Israelisthey can live with and which Israelis need to go back to Brooklyn.

"Israel" Out of Somerville!

The JCRC in Boston Wants Somerville to Pay For Israel.

Israel Out of Somerville!
By Karin Friedemann
24 Aug 2005

Israel lobbyists, determined to prevent Americans from having a say inwhere their tax money goes, have targeted the City of Somerville. Now,Somerville voters are taking their democracy back. Thousands ofSomerville residents signed the Divestment ballot petition while thecorrupt mayor took his free trip to Israel. The Somerville DivestmentProject represents all loyal Americans whether Republican,Libertarian, Democrat, or Green-Rainbow. Divestment is not aboutdictating foreign policy. Divestment is the act of cuttingSomerville's financial losses. The City of Somerville has noobligation to pay for Israel's existence.The Jewish Community Relations Council of Boston used payola andpolitical pressure to manipulate Somerville's elected officials torenounce their previous pro-Divestment 9-2 vote that represented thepublic will. JCRC machinations brought the Israeli ambassador MeirShlomo to Somerville City Hall to patronize us with a hypocriticallecture on justice and democracy. Why is the State of Israel sodesperate for Somerville's measly investments? They are quite possiblyspending more money trying to defeat the widely popular Divestmentballot petition than they are even getting from Somerville. Israel isscared of a little town like Somerville, Massachusetts because thistown has a strong anti-racist and anti-slavery tradition. There aremany Irish here, who naturally sympathize with Palestinians since theytoo suffered under a military occupation and a racist policy tosupplant the native population with immigrant colonial settlers. Tofind out what you can do to support Somerville Divestment, .The Israel lobby works on two levels. The "public relations" wing ofthe Jewish State used Tikkun, a pseudo-liberal Zionist opinionmagazine to discourage "progressive" Jews from supporting theirneighbors' attempts to pressure Israel to stop human rights abuses.Hayyim Feldman invented false claims about the purpose of theSomerville Divestment Project in order to make a dishonest argument indefense of the two-state solution, which is totally irrelevant to theissue of Divestment, while "Somerville Middle East Justice" engaged inmore insidious slander and manipulation tactics. Israel supporters areadvised on their website to "be vague" and talk about "peacefulcoexistence" when they speak with Aldermen. They are further advisedto thank one elected official for silencing the discussion on theJewish theft of Palestinian lands, the bulldozing of Palestinianhomes, and the 25-foot Wall between Jews and Gentiles Israel isbuilding with Somerville's money. The website is decorated with photosof Ariel Sharon. The Boston Israel Lobby's use of the words "peace"and "justice" are just public relations gimmicks. They cover up aviolent genocidal racist ideology, an agenda which is totallyinappropriate for Somerville.Insider communications reveal that the Anti-Divestment coalition wasformed in defense of the Israeli military and police. They campaignfor unqualified support for Ariel Sharon's atrocities. Israel'scrimes are ongoing, and have included bombing the Church of theNativity where Christ was born, according to Christians. The Israeliarmy murdered the bell-ringer. On the "Somerville Coalition for MiddleEast Peace" website, Palestinians are not considered legally definedhuman beings. This omission reflects a racial supremacist philosophywith which the City of Somerville should not associate itself.Somerville needs to separate its interests from what the JCRC inBoston thinks is "wrong for Somerville." In the past, slavers thoughtthey knew what was best for Somerville, but Somerville was united inits effort to defeat slavery and racism. Today, Somerville is unitedin its effort to defeat Zionist racism. The Israel Lobby does notrepresent the people of Somerville. No one should have specialprivileges, not in the Holy Land, and not in Somerville."The JCRC wants YOU to pay for Israel" campaign involves Cable TV anda $30 million budget. The Jewish Community Relations Council ofGreater Boston has employed several full-time staff members toundermine democracy specifically in Somerville. None of these peoplelive in Somerville. They are Farrah Raskin, Marjorie Polster andRachel Glazer. Rachel Glazer of Brookline is the program coordinator.Their goal is to impose "special rights" for the Israeli Lobby overSomerville voters. This group works with the Combined JewishPhilanthropies of Greater Boston, the central fundraising and planningarm of Boston's Jewish community. Mark Niedergang (which means"downfall" in German), in charge of collecting grant applications forthe Brookline-Brighton Jewish Community Fund Committee, happens tolive in Somerville, on Conwell Street. An employee of the CJP, he isamong those responsible for bringing virtually unlimited amounts ofcash into the pro-Israel campaign to undermine Somerville's democracy.Somerville voters have the right to divest from Israel. Somervilleneeds to take back its democracy. The pro-Israel lobby is planning tointimidate voters at the upcoming special election. They expect theCity of Somerville unconditionally and eternally to finance Israel'sexistence. Now is the time for the Green-Rainbow party to run acandidate against Mayor Curtatone. Mayor Curtatone is currently beinginvestigated on ethics violations for accepting gifts from theAmerican Jewish Congress, an organization openly taking sides on anactive issue in front of the Board of Aldermen. How dare the BostonIsrael Lobby use the Somerville City logo as part of their campaign tosilence Somerville taxpayers? They want to finance war criminal ArielSharon with Somerville's money? Who are these people who want to letIsrael get away with human rights violations? Are we safe with themliving among us? What if they want to murder our family and steal ourhouse? What if they get a Caterpillar bulldozer to root out non-Jewsfrom Somerville? These are the kind of racists we are dealing withhere. They not only want to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing inthe Holy Land, but they want to do it with your money. Sorry, no!TALKING POINTS1) Somerville is not divided. Somerville is virtually united againstthe shady investments in Israel bonds. The only people disturbing thepeace are the Israel lobbyists from Boston who want to interfere withSomerville's decisions on where their tax money should be invested.More and more people are in favor of Divestment, and just this weekthe Lutherans came on board. In Somerville, the Aldermen were 9 to 2in favor of divestment until the Israel lobby used its tremendousfinancial resources to confuse the issues. Their actions includedbribing the mayor and bringing an Israeli diplomat to City Hall tointerfere with the local decision making process.2) Investing in Israel against the public's will is taxation withoutrepresentation by a foreign government! Divesting from Israel meanssteering clear of all possible bias. The issue of Divestment isseparate from the question of whether or not Israel has a right toexist. Few Americans would shed many tears at the abolition ofZionism, but Divestment is the decision to take a neutral stance. Isupport Switzerland's right to exist, but I don't think Somervilleneeds to pay for Switzerland. The real issue is that Israel is alosing investment. Somerville residents don't want to invest in acontroversial foreign agenda. Why not invest in public transportation?3) A few corrupt officials within the Somerville government havesingled out Israel as a country that gets free perks from Somervilletaxpayers. The Irish are not sending our tax money to Ireland. TheSaudis are not sending our tax money to Saudi Arabia. Why shouldSomerville have to invest in Israel? The JCRC and CJP made privateagreements with Somerville public officials without the consent of thelocal population, and now Israel is getting involved in localpolitics. Why is Somerville being pressured to invest in a foreignproject and why are voters being forcibly discouraged from openlydiscussing the matter?

No taxation without representation!

Why Zionism and Libertarianism Don't Mix

1. "No taxation by a foreign government without representation " is a basic Libertarian principle. The taxation currently endured by US > taxpayers far exceeds the taxation by the British that led to the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution. Zionist organizations do everything possible, including imprisonment, book banning, and worse, to prevent Americans from openly discussing the fact that they are being taxed against their will. This includes the Patriot Act, Homeland Security abuses, and other erosion of civil liberties. It also includes lawsuits to prevent the question of Israel investments from getting on the ballot. It also includes Zionists bribing elected public officials with free trips to Israel to gain their support for Israel - even against the will of the majority of their consituents!

2. "Respect of Property Rights" is a basic Libertarian principle. Palestinian Christians and Muslims are forced out of their homes, shot or made homeless to clear the area for development into Jews-Only condo complexes connected by Jews-Only roads. The American and > European Jews who move into this stolen property are participating in a racist organized crime network, and they are benefitting from extra-low mortgage rates subsidized by American and European taxpayers. Zionism is nothing less than a criminal ideology.

The US has acknowledged the injustice involved in colonizing America at the expense of the native population. In our time, though there are economic disparities, Native Americans have US citizenship and are able to buy and sell property just like anyone else. This is not true of millions of Palestinian refugees who are denied Israeli passports even while living under Israeli martial law and occupation. It is also > not true in Israel, where Jews cannot sell to Arabs. It is even against the law for sympathetic Jews to return the stolen property that they currently "own" to the original, rightful owners, whether they were forced off the property in 1948, 1967, or more recently.

3. "Avoiding foreign military interventions" is a basic Libertarian principle. The Zionist lobby and Israeli pressure created false > intelligence to mislead America into the Iraq war. AIPAC tried, so far unsuccessfully, to pressure the US to bomb Iran, a country which has not threatened America. (I got the AIPAC mailing that said "Call your Congressman and tell him we want the US to bomb Iran!")

4. "American self-interest" is a basic Libertarian principle. Obeying the Israel lobby is against American self-interest. The US military officers warned Bush Jr that obeying the Zionist pressure to invade several countries at once could mean the end of America. Bush decided to let America commit suicide, economically and politically, for the sake of Israel.

5. "Loyalty to America" is a basic Libertarian principle. Zionist activists are traitors who should be stripped of their US citizenship and sent to Guantanamo for interrogation.

6. "Live and Let Live" is a basic Libertarian principle. Obviously, financing Israel at the expense of America, and at the expense of basic American values, victimizes all Americans at the expense of a very small sub-group of the population, in addition to creating worldwide anti-American hostility, which puts all Americans at risk of terrorist retaliations.

I could go on, but you get the basic idea.

Karin Friedemann