Friday, February 16, 2007

Sugarman Steals 'Sexy' Election from Hamas

The World Chooses Sexiest Anti-Zionists on the Planet

Sugarman Steals 'Sexy' Election from Hamas:
Charlotte Kates Emerges as Female Champion
World View News Exclusive!!!
by Umm Yakoub

Well, the votes are in for the World View News Service's "Sexiest
Anti-Zionist on the Planet." The female winner is Palestine Solidarity
activist Charlotte Kates. Leila Khaled came in as runner-up - see for her
photo, but in truth she didn't even come close because no one could
top this gushing nomination from Charlotte's very shy admirer -

"I have to say that she reminds me of a very young Bette Davis
(complete with her bewitching eyes!), and her smile could melt the
heart of any sentient human. But, I guess it's her voice that really
stands out; it has a character, a limerance, a sort of joyful
resonance that is -- well -- "captivating" is the word that comes to
mind. She is also perhaps the most graceful and engaging human being I
know of." See Charlotte Kates' photo and read about her passion at

The male winner looked like it was going to be the manly Palestinian
prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh - -
but a last-minute, coordinated campaign by Chaim Sugarman to subvert
the election resulted in the landslide victory of this previously
unknown candidate. View the heart-stopping Chaim Sugarman campaign
poster at

Warmest Congratulations to Charlotte Kates, Sexiest Female
Anti-Zionist on the Planet! Hats off to Chaim Sugarman the Sexiest
Anti-Zionist Man on the Planet! See him without his shirt at

Other Nominations:

Roger Tucker in North Carolina (I can provide his phone number ladies)
Elaine Antonia in Florida
Judy Andreas in New York
Shams in Kuwait (we don't know if she's actually an anti-Zionist but
we like her video:
and of course, Karin Friedemann and Joachim Martillo in Massachussetts



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