Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ahmadinejad is Right

Ahmadinejad is doing the right thing to point out the Jewish issues. Any time you make an anti-Israel statement the Jews are going to be told by all the Jewish organizations to "feel attacked" in order to use this fear for fundraising. You can't let their little hissy fit stop you from exposing them. They will always misquote and demonize anyone who speaks against their domination. The Jews want to bomb Iran. So there is no point in pretending that "if only he had said the right thing about the Holocaust," that Jews would have another attitude towards the Iranians. Whenever a PalestineSolidarity Conference takes place in the US, the media is filled with lies and distortions regarding what the conference is about, and invariably a team of rabbis will fill the newspapers with op-eds decrying the conference organizers for "hate." Threatened with an Iraq-style war by the US Jews, Ahmadinejad has nothing to lose. He saw from Saddam's example that if you comply with weapons inspectors and act submissive and politically correct, your country will be irradiated. So therefore he is trying a different tactic, that of being abrasive and mirroring Jewish offensive practices. Do you realize how many Nakba Denial conferences and Anti-Muslim genocide incitement conferences the Jewish organizations hold per year in the United States? Iran did nothing but hold an academic conference. The only tactic that has ever worked against slanderers is to point the finger back at them. Ahmadinejad is going on a media offensive - and this conference was widely applauded throughout theMiddle East - because he knows that being defensive and cooperative with Jews never works. Since no one has tried this "be offensive as possible" media tactic yet, Ahmadinejad is willing togive creativity a chance to stop a war. I hope to God he succeeds.