Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cornering the Jewish Lobby

W&M's worst fault is giving too much power to AIPAC. The real problem is the micro-management of American society by local Jewish groups that are coordinated under an umbrella organization, the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations. This is how they get liberal Jews and conservative Jews, who despise each other, to work together to divert American tax money towards Israel, get Homeland Security money diverted to their synagogue, get people who disagree with them imprisoned without charges, etc. They are united by their disloyalty to the United States, their contempt for the Constitution, and their disregard for the human rights of others.

Some groups and individuals to watch include: - David Horowitz
Jihad Watch - Robert Spencer
The David Project/The Israel Project - Charles Jacobs - psycho-gossip newsfeed
Debbie Schlussel

Benador Associates
JCRC - Nancy Kaufman
Israel on Campus Coalition
Investors Business Daily
SITE Institute - Rita Katz
Investigative Project - Steve Emerson
Terror Free Oil - Joe Kaufman

The stuff brewed up by these freaks ends up in the press releases that feed most US news sources, including NPR.

Some tips for how to track/confront them:

Go to media updates given by any of the above groups and report on their discussions. That will give you a source to quote for the fake news articles that will appear in various newspapers based on the media update, often given in a synagogue.

Participate in interfaith events, especially Christian/Jewish. They often turn into Muslim-bashing events.

Target their guys - reply with counter-accusation

Start your own Quran-Bible study group

Nakba commemorations (Deir Yassin Day)

Attend holocaust services and mention the Nakba

Talk to target friendly audiences like Ukranians, Armenians, Greeks, Cubans, Native Americans, and the Irish about Palestine, Zionist colonizers, and our tax money.

It is essential for more people in particular, I think, to start attending Hillel meetings, where connections between students and neocon subversives are made through enticing them with internships and lucrative futures in lobbying.

for more info visit - Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel


Anonymous said...

"Talk to target friendly audiences like Ukranians, Armenians, Greeks, Cubans, Native Americans, and the Irish about Palestine, Zionist colonizers, and our tax money"

You forgot Germans (especially older Germans who know the truth about World War Two).

Anonymous said...

Hi Karin,

Great blog! Please add Southern Poverty Law Center to your list:

They are major purveyors of black-ops, false-flag and fear-mongering propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Nice work and a compelling read Karin. Thanks

I'm interested in establishing a Palestinian Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. Please forward any support inquiries to

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: I'd love to read more about the testimony of older Germans who can tell the WW2 story like it really was - please please provide some links.
I'm way past the Holocaust version of events, and while familiar and supportive of the work of the Zundels and Irvings of the world, I long for a fresh perspective on the issue.
What better source than people who lived through it - AND don't have a vested (read: financial) interest in hyping the holocaust angle to the sky...