Friday, December 16, 2005

Time to Change Tactics

Time to Change Tactics

by Karin Friedemann

Getting Americans and the politicians to understand that invading Iraqis bad for US is probably the only way to get this movement into the mainstream and away from the leftist progressive fringes of society. I advocate a turn-around in rhetoric. The group of people responsiblefor the Iraq war are the Israel-Firsters. Instead of trying to makeAmericans care about Arabs - too hard - we need to increase their awareness that the Jewish Lobby is the enemy of all traditionalAmericans. Especially since activists can destroy the movement if they dwell upon who the good guys are (there are various opinions), we should concentrate on what we can all agree on: The Jewish Lobby is undermining American democracy. The Jewish Lobby needs to be stopped. That's the only way to stop the wars. I would suggest a public rhetoric campaign against all Jewish lobbyists suggesting prison. On campus, target the Israel advocacy groups. Smear them. Make it social suicide to participate with Hillel or other pro-Israel student organizations training future lobbyists. The pro-Israel lobby operates on every level of American society.

This year they are introducing Holocaust Mythology in the public school curriculum starting in Pre-K. There are plenty of ways to address this problem in PTA meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and other mundane ways. Causing a huge stir at a "MLK" school assembly will create a lot more word-of-mouth grassroots pressure than a protest in DC which doesn't even get discussed. In each small town, pro-peace people need to identify the Zionist individuals who are pushing Holocaust curriculum in the local schools. As soon as you start circulating a petition, all their Zionist supporters will come out of the woodwork. Every town has a web of Jewish groups that work together to undermine American democracy to promote their personal interests. Once you know who the participating individuals are, then you will be able to protest directly to these local people who are personally responsible for pushing Americans to die for Israeli interests. You probably know where they live. If Americans started talking to their neighbors we could stop this war.

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