Sunday, December 18, 2005

Boston NeoCons to Wiretap Mosques

Boston NeoCons to Wiretap Mosques
by Karin Friedemann
Sept. 16, 2005

The Pro-Israel lobby gave MA Governor Romney payola. Now he is
revoking the Constitution to help Israel spy on American Muslims.

Boston Jewish groups were given $2.1 million of US tax money to "beef up security."

They used some of this money to give the governor and several mayors free trips to Israel. Now our elected officials are accepting strategy from neocon advisors to spy on Muslim Americans.

In order to fight against being wiretapped, the local community must do more than protest. They must pinpoint and prosecute those
individuals and organizations involved in the treasonous advising of our elected officials to drop the Constitution. The treasonous Neocons want to go after American Muslims simply because the Jewish
organizations don't agree with them on certain issues. The decision to give Homeland Security to Israeli security companies has all to do with the Israel Lobby funneling public money into private pockets.

Boston Zionist organizations have millions of dollars but what they don't have is public support. They have successfully controlled the "slant" of any discussion about Muslims but they cannot stop
Somerville from divesting from Israel. Less than 5% of Somerville supports Israel's US-subsidized existence. 70% strongly support the divestment ballot petition up for vote in 2007.

Will the Boston Jewish organizations destroy all that America stands for? Wll the Boston Muslim community stand up and defend America alongside their neighbors? If you want to help the Muslims you have to help America get rid of these subversive pro-Israel fanatics trashing democracy.

I am sure that there is no question in anyone's mind that bulldozing Palestinian homes, bombing Iraq and Afghanistan, the
normalization of torture, sending tax money to Israel instead of
repairing New Orlean's levee before the hurricane hit, wiretapping
American mosques, etc are pure evil. But Somerville has made the
neocons vulnerable. A handful of Americans can take their country back one city at a time. Please make the decision to help Somerville Divestment Project defeat the pro-Israel lobby one day this week. Or talk to your church or synagogue encouraging them to boycott Israel.

You don't have to be a citizen or a Somerville resident
to help. See for info

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