Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hate Incited in Somerville

Hate-mongers do not represent Somerville residents.

Hate Incited in Somerville
Karin Friedemann, Boston, MA
Saturday, August 6, 2005

An unknown person scrawled "KILL ALL ARABS" on an electricity pole
down the street from the Broken Yolk cafe. This expression of
genocidal racism is unusual in Somerville. While the majority of
Somerville residents support equal rights for Muslims, Christians and Jews in America and in the Holy Land, a small minority believes in the existence of an exclusively Jewish State funded by American tax dollars. Very worrying is the fact that Somerville city employees' 401K plans are invested in Israel - a scam perhaps explained by the gifts the mayor of Somerville received from the Jewish Lobby.

Despite Israel's ongoing human rights violations including the
bulldozing of Palestinian Muslim and Christian homes, Somerville city employees are not even given the option to opt out of their personal investments in these Israel bonds which are continually losing value. This irresponsible investment has lost the city a lot of money.

The hate crime committed in Somerville is a wake-up call to the city of Somerville not to let pro-Israel advocates dictate the use of Somerville public money to line their own pockets.

Genocidal racists do not represent Somerville. It's time to divest now.

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