Thursday, January 08, 2009

... Victims of a Holocaust. Really?

written in response to article of the same name by Yamin Zakariah in London.

Muslims really need to stop worrying about convincing themselves that they are victims and start being effective against the enemies. Muslims don't understand that Jews play word games like lawyers. They are not trying to tell the truth. They are saying certain words expecting to get a certain reaction. Meanwhile, Muslims waste so much time trying to "understand" and to "be understood." This relationship is not based on equality and good will.

So let's just admit it. Muslims are being victimized, and the primary movers behind the injustice are the Neoconservative and Neoliberal global Jewish elite.

We can fight the battle against excessive Jewish power on the local level within the multicultural Western countries where all ethnic groups are supposed to enjoy equal protection under the law. Muslims need to study how Jewish and Christian religions compete for their roles in Western society. When every group is lobbying aggressively for political advantage, Muslim groups cannot expect to simply live and be left alone to practice their religion.

Muslims have to learn how to play the game so that they can get the upper hand in order to unite ALL the people (not just the Muslims) against oppression.

Because Muslims are the only group of people that feel comfortable in a multicultural situation, Muslims will increasingly become the glue holding society together especially in the West.

Muslims will succeed when they end the ghetto mentality and unite with their neighbors to defend our shared nations from evil-doers, who are stealing everybody's tax money and destroying the economy as well as using our kids to fight Israel's wars.

I strongly recommend that Muslims study the blog Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel as it provides the tools for overcoming Jewish arguments and provides a historical context that can help us all to understand and to predict destructive Jewish patterns of behavior so that we can develop effective countermeasures. The modern Jewish problem really has less to do with Talmudic arrogance (although this does play a role) than with typical European secular racist identity politics, similar to that of the Serbs or of the German Nazis. Jewish global tribalism comes from a long historical European tradition. Past European societies have solved the problems of Jewish insider trading, monopolies, warmongering, etc. with proven economic and legal methods, which could be repeated.

Please study Joachim Martillo's history of the Jewish influence at


Khurram Ali Shafique said...

Wonderful and well-written. Thanks for the references.

Anonymous said...

The simple truth is that its different jew mafias that fights internal to get at top of the other jew mafias.

The global jew mafia video and book library

Anonymous said...

Iran-thru-Open-Eyes said...

Jewish sensitivities are protected by law that emerged from the US Congress and has international reach.
Public Law 108-332, "The Global Antisemitism Review Act," provides that instances of "physical violence or harassment" of Jewish persons, or, for example, selling books similar to Protocols of Elders..., or criticizing zionism or Israel, anywhere in the world, should be monitored by an office in the US State Department, and leaders of the states involved should be held to account for the offense by the US government.

Santa said...

"Because Muslims are the only group of people that feel comfortable in a multicultural situation, Muslims will increasingly become the glue holding society together especially in the West."
I salute you and your exceptional perception regarding above statement. This really hold essence of the culture and social character of secular Muslim society in our time, which, I believe, has its roots even in medieval times of religious Islamic states, when religious tolerance for Muslim societies became - will I overreached if i say ideal ?!
Anyway, thanks for your good work (blog), cheers!