Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who is behind the Ron Paul media blackout?

Who is behind the Ron Paul media blackout?

Pat Robertson is connected to this group of rumormongers. Many of David Horowitz’s talking points end up in Pat Robertson’s sermons and on his website. Horowitz is the guy who said Ron Paul supporters are terrorists. Pat Robertson is backing Giuliani. The Lobby has a huge power over FOX news and that is probably why Giuliani gets all the TV time even though nobody votes for him.

The pro-Israel mailing lists are very very detailed and RonPaul needs to learn from this. We are the first group of people who have even begun to compete against the communication monopoly of the Israel Lobbyists. But they have target audience databases not only a list of email addresses. They arrange their database by personal interest. For example “Homosexual Israel supporters.” They probably sent an email to that list telling them that Dr. Paul hates homosexuals. Then they went to their “Christian fundamentalist Israel supporters” list and told them that Dr Paul is not a real Christian. Then they probably emailed the “Black Churches” list with accusations that Dr. Paul is going to cut off food stamps, etc. They have a thousand front organizations so it’s not always obvious who is behind the various PR campaigns. Special interest groups will employ people to join chat groups and spread their slander. The New Republic article smearing Dr. Paul as having insulted MLK was just one of many smear pieces circulated on the internet and sent as press releases to every news agency in America.

Whenever news breaks all over the nation on every station on the same day, you know you are dealing with the email networks of the Israel Lobby. Example - Save Darfur became a news story sensation overnight. Even though the killing has been going on for years and years, all of a sudden, on the same day, there is a front page story in every major newspaper on the planet about “Genocide in Sudan!” Compare that to Bosnia, where the news came in like a trickle, with many people doubting its veracity, and conflicting reports. With the Save Darfur campaign, there is NO VARIATION in opinion about Sudan from the left wing to the far right.

The only people who weren’t sold on the “Genocide in Sudan” story were the international investors.

I just signed off the “Jewish Libertarians” list and boy have they been busy smearing Dr. Paul. Their entire reason for existence seems to be to paralyze the Libertarian party by creating internal friction. (I’m not blaming all Jews just this particular yahoogroup). Apparently the CATO Institute, which claims to be Libertarian, hates the good doctor because their definition of Libertarianism is not the traditional, Constitutionally based “live and let live” but “I can bomb and plunder anyone I want. Na na na na na.”

Dr Paul’s most powerful opponents are the billions of dollars a year Israel Lobby and that’s who is keeping him out of the debates and telling FOX to treat him the same way as they told Columbia University to treat Ahmedinejad. I assume the Jewish retirees in Florida are swamping the media stations demanding that they nix Dr. Paul just like they write letters to their Congressman demanding that we bomb Iran. One of their journalists in the New York Times wrote a hit piece against Ron Paul as a Nazi.

This is a coordinated effort by people who are not loyal to a particular candidate but are only loyal to continued US taxpayer funding of Israeli wars and continued subsidies for American Jews to get mortgages with 2% interest rates on stolen property of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.


scottie said...

The media's political agenda of glorifying Israel at the expense of the Palestinians is certainly not going to paint a nice picture of a candidate that calls for a balanced foreign policy.

The banking establishment, i.e. the Federal Reserve system, is yet another powerful interest Ron Paul threatens.

The Israel lobby have also been busy working to counteract Paul's influence since he has openly called for a cessation of Israeli aid, as well as aid to Arab nations.

All in all, following the Constitution and advocating sound monetary policy and a balanced foreign policy will make any public official vulnerable to retaliatory attacks or worse, blatant censorship.

Look at the New Republic's pathetic attempt to smear Dr Paul as a racist.

The author of a prominent book that focuses on the power of the Bilderbergers alleged recently that he had an intelligence source that revealed high level elites discussing the possibility of assassinating Ron Paul, even when his support was low.

Now after 2nd place finishes in Nevada and Louisiana (which may change to 1st after the provisional ballots are included in the tally) who knows what is being considered.

More than ever before in our country, truth scares power, and there is still a lot of time before the nomination.

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Tom Dennen said...

The word 'Apocalypse' comes from a Greek word meaning, 'the lifting of the veil between you and God (reality).

Dr. Paul is busy lifting many parts of the veil between the American people and their masters.

pam hardyment said...

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