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Muslims involved in mosque plot

Muslims involved in mosque plot
Karin Friedemann
May 13, 2007

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Boston--May 12, 2007--New evidence has surfaced, which indicates efforts to enlist professional critics of Islam, including Muslim collaborators, in the conspiracy against the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB). Attorney Jack Fainberg, who previously helped construct a legal case against their mosque, volunteered discovery materials to the ISB.A June 1, 2004 opposition email refers to an unnamed “pro-Jewish Muslim ally in Boston," who used Roxbury Community College connections to help conspirators investigate parking infractions the mosque might have committed inadvertently, that could be used in a legal attack.

Khaleel Mohammed, an academic who advocates “Islamic reform” to right wing audiences was also mentioned in the anti-mosque correspondence.An October 1993 Boston Herald article linked a quotation from Mohammed about mosque financing with two succeeding anonymous quotations so that he would appear to accuse the ISB of links to "fundamentalist Islamist politics." In discovery emails, Mohammed discusses with professional Israel advocates the allegedly “Wahhabi” content of library materials at the ISB. Mohammed was invited to comment about his involvement with the anti-mosque group.

“I am sad to find out that organizations are now using government funds to combat the building of mosques.” Mohammed began.“I have imparted no ‘secret’ information to anyone…I don't know any of the people in the Boston Mosque. I would at most say that if they are into radical Islam, I would be against their building a mosque.”Mohammed claimed that he verified “some translations [of statements by] someone on the mosque board” for a good friend at the Anti-Defamation League.According to the ISB, Islamic scholar Dr. Jamal Badawi claimed under oath that the pro-Israel Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) misrepresented a political comment made in Arabic by ISB Board of Trustee member Dr. Walid Fitaihi.

In April 2007, Dr. Walid Fitaihi returned from Saudi Arabia to offer “an apology without condition” to Jewish leaders in Brookline, Massachusetts for his words, which “he recognized were offensive to Jews.” Fataihi was on a list of twenty Muslims compiled by the David Project, the ADL and Steve Emerson.Their broad and unsubstantiated allegations were summarized by Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer in a power point presentation on February 3, 2005 at a synagogue in Massachusetts under the title “The Boston Mosque: Do Tolerance and Diversity go both ways?”

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